Perhaps You Would Like To Dress As A Sexy Banned Boozy Beverage For Halloween

Banned party fuel Four Loko may now lack caffeine, but that doesn’t mean it’s left the public consciousness. Witness this Halloween costume: a can of Four Loko. A sexy can of Four Loko.

Serendipitously, there are four Four Loko flavor costumes and four Consumerist editors. We’re going to have to get an intern for the 31st, though, because Chris says the costume won’t fit over his hips. Instead, he’ll dress as a convenience store clerk who doesn’t check IDs.

By the way, we’re putting together a list of Consumerist Halloween costumes. Have an idea based on a Consumerist story from the past year, a comments meme (we miss you, commenters), or a general consumer issue? Send it to up at with “COSTUMERIST” in the subject line.

Four Loko Alcoholic Drink Ladies Tank Dress [Amazon] (via Worst Things For Sale)

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