Canadian Authorities Have Recovered The Stolen Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve

Image courtesy of (Photos in the Sunset)

Last month, some maple miscreants made off with millions of dollars’ worth of maple syrup from a secure warehouse in the Canadian province of Quebec. We can all breathe a sweet, sweet sigh of relief: authorities may have recovered the syrup. They discovered somewhere between 600 and 800 barrels of unknown origin with an importer in New Brunswick. The investigation continues, but the syrup is safe. It’s currently under police protection.

The concept of a global strategic syrup reserve sounds hilarious, but has a serious purpose: to protect the supply and price of maple syrup should there be a poor harvest. The reserve, about ten million pounds of syrup in total, was spending time in a temporary but secure holding facility while a new warehouse was being renovated. The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, keepers of the reserve, announced the theft at the end of August. They still aren’t 100% sure how much syrup was stolen, let alone whether it was all recovered in the raid.

This is definitely an occasion to celebrate. Pancakes for everyone!

Syrup linked to big Quebec heist recovered in New Brunswick [CTV] (Thanks, fenris!)

Sweet score: Thieves pilfer millions in maple syrup

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