Cops Forced To Break The Bad News To Store: Stolen Donut Was Not Recoverable

Dramatic police takedowns are going down every day in all around our country, but in one case, the hullabaloo all came down to dessert. Louisville police were hot on the trail of a man they say stole a donut from a local restaurant, and managed to arrest him. When it come to recovering evidence, however… Well, let’s just say things went awry.

WDRB News says the cops were after the man on a warrant for something else other than pastry theft and searched his person when they apprehended him. The arrest report notes that a single donut wrapped in tissue paper was discovered in his pocket.

He claimed he’d just purchased the donut while at the store, but an officer followed up with the cashier there who denied she’d sold any such items recently. The man was then arrested for misdemeanor theft with the intention to enjoy a delicious pilfered treat.

So was the donut bagged and tagged and filed for evidence or whatever it is they do on TV? Nope. According to the police, the donut was “not recoverable.”

There are some jokes that are just too easy to make.

LOUISVILLE POLICE: Stolen donut “not recoverable” [WDRB News]

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