Broke College Students Resorting To Sugar Daddies & Donating Baby-Making Cells To Cover Tuition

In case you hadn’t heard, college is like, really really expensive these days. Some students have their parents to help out, and many take out loans (even if they don’t know it). And then there are those willing to go to unconventional lengths to scrape up enough cash to cover the costs of their educations — things liked donating eggs and sperm, connecting with a sugar daddy or turning their bodies over to science.

CNNMoney notes that only 30% of families say they’re going to be able to meet college savings goals, leaving a big chunk of change that needs to be found somehow.

One such student profiled in their article is $135,000 in debt and jobless, but he still wants to get a Ph.D. So he signed over his body to science and has been participating in medical studies for pharmaceutical companies — and making a pretty penny at it. For doing just two studies — one testing arthritis meds and another which will inject breast cancer drugs into his body over eight days — he’ll get $8,500. That

“If I can’t find work [while in school], there’s always a headache medicine I could test,” he said.

Another student says she decided to become an egg donor at a fertility center and made enough from her first donation to almost cover the cost of her first year of school.

“When I worked a second job [between college and graduate school], it took me almost a year working in retail to make this same amount I’ve already made from one egg donation,” she said.

Men can also help others with fertility needs, as California Cryobank points out that almost a half of its qualified donors are college students. They can make up to $1,200 per month if they donate three times a week.

For those not opposed to spending time with a stranger there are sites like, where women can find rich men willing to give them an allowance. A 21-year-old student said she gets $1,500 for her tuition payment each month from a richer 37-year-old man, aka a sugar daddy.

The site says around 350,000 of the “sugar babies” signed up with them are college students, with two-thirds of those saying they’re using a sugar daddy as a primary or secondary means of affording college.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

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