Here’s Your Degree and Lots Of Debt


Student Loan Debt For Recent College Graduates Increases Again, Now At $30K

With college tuition continuing to increase, it probably won’t surprise many people to learn that college graduates are leaving school burdened with more loan debt. According to a new report, the average amount of student loan debt for new graduates has passed $30,000 for the first time. [More]

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Student Loan Debt For Recent College Graduates Increases Again

With college tuition prices continuing to rise, you might assume that college students are entering the real world with more debt on their shoulders.  According to a new report, that assumption would be correct.

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69% Of 2013 College Graduates Left With A Degree And An Average Student Loan Debt Of $28,400

By now we are well aware that college tuition continues to rise and consumers continue to take out hefty student loans to meet those growing costs. So it should come with relatively little surprise that the average debt graduates leave college with remains high; this year with an average of $28,400. [More]