Should Clothes For Larger Children Be Called 'Plus-Size'?

People come in different sizes. This is particularly true for children, whose bodies are constantly growing and changing. Standard sizes meant for all kids don’t fit all kids, especially with an increasing percentage of overweight children. Boys’ clothing cut larger with the designation of “Husky” have been around for a while, and some kids and parents find them embarrassing. But what about girls? Some retailers of children’s clothing have introduced larger cuts of clothing for girls as young as 3, but have designated these clothes “plus size,” just like clothes for larger adult women.

At Sears, the plus-sized line has been flying off shelves. The name, though, has made worrywarts raise the inevitable question: will this hurt the self-esteem of children? Which is a silly question, because not being able to dress like their peers or find age-appropriate clothing would be more harmful.

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