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Nicholas Eckhart

Meijer Ditches Plus-Size Department To Attract More Plus-Size Customers: Wait, What?

At a time when clothing retailers are fretting over their business, there’s one segment of the market where sales are actually increasing: plus-size women’s clothing. Discount store Meijer is taking advantage of this change, and is changing things so the plus-size department will go away, and sizes XS through XXXL will be on the same rack together. [More]

ModCloth Is Integrating Its Separate Plus-Size Section

ModCloth Is Integrating Its Separate Plus-Size Section

Like other women who wear sizes over 12, I briefly panicked when I read headlines earlier today: clothing retailer ModCloth was getting rid of its “Plus Sizes.” What?! One of the world’s few sources for cute outfits for a wide range of sizes was giving its plus-size customers the boot? No, it turns out: they’re getting rid of a separate “plus” section on the website. [More]