Burning Rubber Will Be A Lot Easier With Texas' New High Speed Limit Of 85 MPH

Everything is bigger in Texas (or so the saying goes, I’ve never measured a thing in that state so I can’t vouch) and now that includes big ol’ speed limits. Or rather, very high ones, at a new fastest speed for the nation — 85 miles per hour. It’s all for a new stretch of a toll road running 41 miles from Austin to Seguin.

Drivers will be able to really put the pedal to the metal starting in November when the road opens. Most U.S. highways have a max speed of 75 mph, although there are a few with 80 mph speed limits out there. The Texas Transportation Commission is keeping mum on its decision to approve the speed, notes the Los Angeles Times.

If the limit is officially 85 mph, you know and I know and we all know what that means — plenty of people are going to be going over that at even 95 or 100 mph. Kinda scary, but states are allowed to set their own speed rules so that’s that. Texas wants to be fast, it’s gonna be fast.

“In 1995, Congress eliminated all federal restrictions on the maximum speed limits and left those decisions to the states,” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Highway Administration, who did caution drivers not to get hog wild. “As always, drivers should be vigilant and drive as safely as possible to protect themselves and others on the road.”

Texas OKs nation’s fastest speed limit, 85 mph, on new road [Los Angeles Times]

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