Wells Fargo Working With Daughter To Make Her An Authorized Party On Late Mother's Loan

We’ve been closely following the case of a woman who was trying to save the home she inherited from her late mother, only to be confounded when Wells Fargo refused to deal with anyone but the dead woman. Earlier this week, Wells Fargo announced that they’d placed the foreclosure on hold and had reached out to the woman. In the latest update, both the woman and Wells Fargo have confirmed that negotiations are underway.

The woman’s campaign with Change.org garnered her over 150,000 signatures, and she says she’s happy things are looking up for her now.

“I feel like my mother guided all of this from her place in heaven; she wanted me to be still in my life and to have a home for the rest of my life,” she says of the ongoing negotiations. Thank you to each and every one of the 159,917 people who sent us their love, prayers, support and inspiration.”

The family is going to continue to monitor Wells Fargo, says a Change.org rep, to make sure it follows through on its promise to help the woman.

A spokesman for Wells Fargo confirmed that discussions are taking place, telling Consumerist:

We have spoken to [the daughter] and her attorney to discuss the situation involving her mother’s home and are pleased to be in ongoing discussions. The foreclosure sale has been placed on hold while [she] works to become an authorized party on the loan. Pending this outcome, we can move forward with discussions on property retention.


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