Hold On To Your Cans, Diet Pepsi Devotees: Your Soda's Sweetener Is Getting Tweaked

You know what they say — if you don’t change, you die. Despite the positives of forward momentum, we’re willing to bet diehard Diet Pepsi drinkers might be a bit upset to know that the soda is changing up its sweetener. PepsiCo swears the taste will remain the same as the one aspartame brings to the game (had to do it), but now the soda will last longer on the shelf.

The company currently testing out a mix of artificial sweeteners to take the place of the reigning aspartame, because that sweetener loses its potency much faster than the high fructose corn syrup used in most regular sodas, reports the Associated Press.

A super secret anonymous person with knowledge of what’s going on says Pepsi was mulling over the idea of using versions of Diet Pepsi sold in other countries in the U.S. Instead, it’s testing a brand new version set to come out next year.

Chime in, Diet Pepsi lovers…

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