Comment Of The Day: Dishwasher, Clean Thyself

Image courtesy of (Anne Makaske


We’re reviving an old-school Consumerist feature last seen circa 2008: the Comment of the Day. On this morning’s post about cleaning ‘taters and cooking salmon in the dishwasher, commenter Pasketti observed that only a dishwasher that is itself clean can clean your potatoes properly.

Here’s a direct link to the original comment.

Maybe if I’d cleaned the dishwasher out beforehand.

What’s that you say? How can a dishwasher not be clean? It cleans dishes, surely it cleans itself as a side effect?

When they took phosphates out of the detergent, our dishwasher stopped cleaning the dishes as well as it used to. A coating of slime and funk started appearing in nooks and crannies. It eventually got so thick that I had to partially disassemble the dishwasher to clean it out.

I discovered that if I run it empty with some bleach and OxiClean it will clean it out really well, so I haven’t had to disassemble it again.

I also picked up some TSP, and put a tablespoon or so into every load.

Meanwhile, RoguePisigit doesn’t bother with the dishwasher at all.

The closest I’ve come to this is thawing Toaster Strudel icing packets by putting them in my bra.

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