OnTrac Marks My Packages 'Delivered' Today, Delivers Them Tomorrow

Last week, we shared a story from a reader who got a very early wakeup call from OnTrac, on his porch with an Amazon package a few days earlier than anticipated. Ryan, meanwhile, has sort of the opposite problem. No, OnTrac isn’t pounding on his door after he went to bed. His packaged showed up in the system as “delivered” even though there was no sign of it. He actually received it the following day. Is OnTrac messing around with flux capacitors, redefining “delivered,” or is something else going on here?

Earlier this week a package I ordered from Amazon was marked by [OnTrac] as delivered to porch, the only problem is that it wasn’t there. I was certain that the shipment was stolen and when I contacted Amazon they told me that nothing could be done until the next day. The next day when I got home from work, the package was delivered and waiting at my porch. This is the second time that OnTrac has marked a package as delivered, only to have it arrive the next day. This repeated behavior leads me to believe that they are deliberately marking packages as delivered even though they know it won’t be until the next day so that they meet their [service level agreement] goals with Amazon.

This doesn’t mean OnTrac as a whole is up to no good: it could be a single driver, who happens to have Ryan’s route. If you’ve encountered this problem, please let us know.

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