Trying To Hide A 43-Inch TV Under Your Skirt Only Works If You Have A Really Ginormous Skirt

Despite the likelihood for ridiculous fashion trends, we’re pretty sure there’s no skirt out there that’s going to completely hide the fact that you’re walking out of a store with a 42-inch TV underneath it, which is what a woman in Norway recently tried to accomplish. “Walked” might be the wrong word — shimmied, slowly shuffled or crept might work better when gripping such a large item without the use of one’s hands.

Indeed, the Daily Mail says she “hobbled” from the store in Oslo to a bus stop nearby and was arrested after a store employee became suspicious of the giant TV underneath her skirt. A TV! Under a skirt! Come on!

She and her companion told cops they were Romanians, and as such, she has “very strong thigh muscles.”

Cops were a bit flabbergasted at the feat, of course.

“It is not unusual that thieves put bits and bobs under their skirts of large sweaters,” said an Oslo police officer. “We wondered at first if this was impossible but then we tried it at  the station with female officers. It is hard — but not impossible.”

Indeed, the paper reports that boyfriends and husbands all over Norway are now daring their better halves to try the stunt for themselves, minus the stealing part of the story.

The woman is being questioned about other thefts in Norway, so perhaps she successfully concealed a refrigerator or perhaps a car in her shoe at some point. Stranger things have happened… probably.

Thief arrested for shoplifting after hiding 42in TV under her skirt [Daily Mail]

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