Waiting 3 Hours In The Heat For Our Bus, Megabus Only Answers Via Twitter

Megabus serves as an alternative to Greyhound or Amtrak travel, but has a distinct disadvantage over its competitors. Passengers have to queue up outside to wait for their buses instead of inside air-conditioned bus stations. Or at least some kind of shelter. Kenneth found himself waiting outside for three hours, fifteen minutes for an absentee Megabus. He tried to call the company to find out what was going on, but no one was picking up the phone. The Twitter representative did pick up the computer, though, so that was something.

I was slated to leave on the Indianapolis 215pm Megabus to Chicago. In 85 degree summer heat, we were forced to wait at the bus stop for 3 hours until 530pm for a bus to arrive that would take us to Chicago.

Customer Service

My first phone call to the customer service hotline was at 3pm. No answer, put on hold for 10 minutes. I then hung up.

My second phone call to the customer service hotline was at 4pm. No answer, put on hold for 10 minutes. I then hung up.

My fellow customers were visibly frustrated at this point. There was no timeframe for which we’d know when the bus would arrive. We were just in limbo at the bus stop.

Issues with Megabus:
1. Completely no transparency as to timing, leaving passengers stranded with no time frame of bus arrival. At 330pm an email arrived from Megabus saying that the bus had been delayed. Anyone could see the bus was delayed. But WHEN WAS IT GOING TO COME? Thus, we had to sit in the sun forever

2. Afterwards, I talked to a customer service representative. I had to tweet to Megabus before someone would respond. She refused to give a refund, even after we had wasted 3 hours of our time.

3. Non-existent customer on the phone. I suspect Megabus doesn’t actually have anyone manning their phone line, but specialises in wearing down customers’ endurance by putting them on hold for hours, and then blames it on customers hanging up as the reason they can’t get through. Is 10 minutes not enough for Megabus customer service? Terrible, terrible, terrible.

By Megabus standards, three hours baking in the middle of a parking lot is nothing.

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