GameStop Goes Above And Beyond — Wait, What?

If you’ve ever wondered why we don’t post more pleasant stories about GameStop, it’s because we don’t get many positive stories about the video game retailer. So when one reader wrote in to share the tale of a GameStop that went the extra mile to solve a $500 issue, our ears perked up.

Consumerist reader David recently had his wallet stolen. He went through the usual hassle of calling the police, alerting the credit card companies and getting replacement cards, but he wasn’t sure what to do about his GameStop Edge card that had around $500 in credit on it.

“I’d gotten to know the guys at my local GameStop as they are exceptions to the rule,” writes David. “Always honest, happy and not pushy in the least.”

Hoping this quality of service would be extended to his stolen card issue, David called the store and spoke to S., the GameStop manager:

“I mentioned that my wallet was stolen and he immediately knew the implications. He asked if I had the number of the card written down (which, naturally, I didn’t), or a receipt where any of the credit was used (again, in a bankers box packed away).

“S. told me that once credit has been used, the transaction is wiped at the local level. Our only hope for recovering the credit was to find an exact date for a transaction that was completely traceable. I had done some smart trades to get a launch-day 3DS, so I figured that was something we could go on. S. asked me for the serial number of the system, which I could give him. He told me to hang tight and he’d call back if anything could be done.

“Well, sure enough, about an hour later, S. called me back and told me that he had been in touch with Head Office, and they had located the credit file! Not only had the credit not been used, but they were going to cancel the card on file, issue a new one directly at head office and courier it to the store for me. About three hours after that, S. called one more time to invite me to come in to pick up the card.”

The GameStop manager could have easily just said “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you,” and the company would have been able to hold on to $500. Instead, he worked with David to resolve the issue in a way that not only got the customer his credit back, but moved him to write us to share his story.

We probably don’t say it often enough that most people are good and decent human beings, regardless of where they work. Unfortunately, even the best people are often stuck working within systems that don’t encourage — or openly discourage — the kind of creative thinking employed by the GameStop manager in this case.


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  1. Abradax says:

    Someone got ahold of my debit card number and bought a gamestop card online. They realized it wasn’t mine and not only cancelled the order, but emailed me to let me know they suspect fraudulent activity on my account. I got my card cancelled before any damage was done.

    GS is ok in my book.

  2. Coffee says:

    Good on that manager…it’s nice to know that there is someone representing the company who makes the effort to retain an obviously valued customer (there was quite a lot of money on that card). Good business practice, good PR…good work all around. Now if more companies began to realize that it’s far cheaper to keep existing customers happy than to lavish new customers with all their time and resources, we’d be onto something.

    • iguana426 says:

      I just quit a retail job for exactly that reason. They made it all about selling the credit card to the point they weren’t even tracking associates sales numbers, only the number of cards they got people to sign up for. We were supposed to get 3 no’s from each customer before we moved on. Didn’t matter if I got a $2,000 dollar sale from someone who had been a cardholder for years, if I didn’t get a new card that day I could expect to be “coached” for my next shift. And they wonder why customers don’t come back….

      • Coffee says:

        That’s a great example…I was thinking more about cell phone and cable/internet providers, who will practically blow you to get you to sign up, then treat you like you’re in an abusive relationship the moment you’re under contract. The marriage only lasts two years, buddy…don’t think I’ll be reupping…

  3. Jawaka says:

    Someone will still find a reason to criticize Gamestop in this story.

  4. TastyBeverage says:

    Gamestop is only bad when it comes to games.

  5. alstein says:

    Some gamestops are quite good, it’s just that there are plenty of bad ones.

    It really comes down to the local management.

  6. MrEvil says:

    Your mileage may vary with Gamestop customer service depending on region.

    When I moved to Austin I had partially paid for a couple pre-orders at a Gamestop in Amarillo TX. Realizing that I was now 500 miles away I needed to either get those pre-orders moved online or to a local store. I called the Amarillo store I did the pre-order at; no help there. So I called the nearest Austin store and they had the Amarillo store refund my partial pre-orders to a gift card and then re-rung the pre-orders locally getting the gift card number over the phone. The process was quite convoluted, but the creative person at the Austin store managed to get my pre-orders moved to my new home.

  7. theamazingyeah says:

    I was actually in my local Gamestop today with a couple of games to trade in. I know I should sell them on Amazon or eBay but I don’t leave the house or drive much and it’s nice to get out and speak to real people. At the Gamestop in my old town it seemed like the employees were the sort of socially awkward geek-snobs that were too busy talking amongst themselves and turning their noses up at customers to be helpful. At the store here the manager is extremely helpful and does everything she can to keep her employees happy and retain them. In fact I haven’t seen a new person in 4 years. Just today she rang up my trades and a coupon and said she didn’t feel like it was right, then ran something through on her manager card and told me I could pick out two new games for $4. How that happened, I’ll never know, but after she struggled for 20 minutes, I think she just felt bad and said, “What the heck, you’re always buying from us anyway.”

  8. Unknownable says:

    I think it varies,
    My local Moviestop and Gamestop are very nice,
    I’ve never had any problems with them, expect that they don’t carry much in the way of PS2 games, but that’s to be expected. I actually prefer going to Moviestop and Gamestop over FYE,
    not only are they closers to home, but generally their prices are better. Though FYE has a better selection of Anime than Moviestop.

  9. DogInYellowCoat says:

    I had a great experience with GS helping me recover the balance a lost gift card. It was my own fault that I lost it and thought I would contact customer service to see if they could do anything. The rep was great, and I recovered all of my ~$40 balance!

    On the other hand when I bought my xbox 3-4 years ago and it was defective, they were not as friendly…

    Improvement is good though!

  10. sam says:

    A Follow Up On Gamestop , I’m sure glad someone realizes what a good business Gamestop is to our community. Our entertainment culture is slowly being destroyed by other media that consistently force or monopolize Our forms of entertainment.
    The incident that was resolved at Gamestop at Gerrard Square Toronto,was a fine example of not only how helpful and honest this business is, that also the manager in question deserves a big well done Scott.