Megabus Adds Reserved Seats To Double-Decker Bus Trips, But It’ll Cost Ya

If you’ve ever taken a trip with a group or family on Megabus, then you know it can be a pain to get seats together unless you show up extra early. Now, the company plans to change that by allowing customers to reserve seats in advance — for a price, that is.

USA Today reports that Megabus passengers can pay a fee between $1 and $7 to choose from 10 premium seats on all of its double-decker bus routes.

The reserved seats – which were first experimented with last spring – are distinguished by their solid blue color and large embroidered numbers.

Reserved seats also include special features such as a table, a view or a combination of the two. Six of the seats are located on the upper deck either at the front of the bus or behind the stair area. The remaining four seats are situated around table on the bus’ lower deck.

“Our customers have always found certain seats on the bus to be highly desirable,” Megabus CEO Dale Moser tells USA Today. “Reserved seating, now available on all of our double-decker routes, allows our customers to book their favorite seats in advance without the hassle of arriving over an hour early to secure them.”

The company, which operates in 130 cities, says it may expand the number of reserved seats in the future.

After years of negative headlines about steamy-hot buses, fatal accidents, stranded passengers, and rude drivers, Megabus is in need of an image overhaul.

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