Funeral Home Hopes A Starbucks Pick-Me-Up Will Provide A Nice Break From That Whole Mourning Thing

Feeling low over the loss of a loved one? Perhaps a frappuccino will go a little way toward easing your pain or least give you the chance to take your mind off things. A funeral home in South Carolina is going to add a new wing called the “Coffee Corner” which will soon welcome a brand new Starbucks.

The owner of the fourth-generation funeral home and crematory says his great-grandfather started the business inside a main street general store where townsfolk would get together to sip coffee, so a modern day coffee shop will fit right in.

The owner says he hopes it will help people take a break from grieving if they need it, without being all up in their faces, and that it’s just more service they’re offering.

“You walk in the front, and it’s off to the side,” he tells WSPA News. “It’s not like it’s right up front.”

And you don’t have to be attending a service to grab a cup of joe — the Starbucks will be open to the public. For those who expect free coffee at visitations and services, the house made coffee will still be available at no charge.

Coffins & Coffee: Starbucks to Open Inside Upstate Funeral Home [WSPA News]



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