Stealing A Meal From Waffle House At Gunpoint Will Earn You 35 Years In The Hoosegow

We can’t imagine that even the fluffiest, most fruit-laden syrupy stack of waffles would ever be worth 35 years in prison, but a judge is sending an Alabama man to the slammer for that stretch for stealing a meal from a Waffle House.

It wasn’t just the stealing that put the man away –Â although we’ve seen our share of people arrested for pilfering from fast food joints — he also pointed a shotgun at workers, reports the Associated Press.

Back in November 2010, cops intervened when the man refused to pay for his meal and then took out the gun. He also had a brief standoff with police as they tried to arrest him during a traffic stop.

His defense lawyer asked for a lighter sentence in the first-degree robbery conviction, arguing that his client has the kind of mental problems that would lead to such an event going down. But prosecutors claim he didn’t use the insanity defense during trial so it doesn’t apply now that he’s been convicted.

Man gets 35 years over Waffle House meal [Associated Press via AZCentral]

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