Lunchables Fall Victim To The Grocery Shrink Ray

Consumerist reader Mike has been noshing on Oscar Mayer Lunchables — you know, the pre-packed meat/cheese/cracker things — for years. To him, they were a dependable way to have a quick and cheap bite to eat for lunch in the office. That is, until they felt the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAPPPP! of the patented Grocery Shrink Ray.

“A few weeks ago I opened one of my Lunchables to find that the turkey and cheese slices were noticeably smaller, in some cases almost half size,” he writes. “Knowing right away from reading your articles about the grocery shrink ray, I went home to check out the rest of what was in my fridge hoping to find a before and after comparison. Sure enough, I found a Lunchable before Shrink Ray, and one after.”

Below is the stacked up comparison of the two Lunchables and below is confirmation that Oscar Mayer has indeed been slimming down the size of the packs, from 4.4oz to 3.4 oz.

Yet another lunchtime favorite has fallen victim to the Shrink Ray…

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