Man Manages To Board Flight Without A Ticket After Leaving Prison

It makes sense that everyone has to take off their shoes to go through security, but then a recently released inmate can swan past security and board a flight without a ticket, doesn’t it? A man who got out of jail on Memorial Day hopped on a flight in San Diego without bothering with the whole ticket thing, but he just ended up going right back to jail.

NBC San Diego says the man entered the tarmac through an emergency door in the airport’s commuter terminal. The alarm did go off, so the guy just hotfooted it through the tarmac and mixed in with the other passengers boarding a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles.

A witness says he handed off his duffle to a flight attendant and said he really needed to use the bathroom, before sitting in a seat. Attendants realized there were too many people onboard, and were able to identify the extra person, “as he looked disheveled and suspicious,” according to one passenger.

Everyone was told to deplane while dogs sniffed their bags, and a second security screening was held before takeoff.

He was escorted off the plane peacefully, arrested and taken back to jail while police investigate the incident.

Fresh Out of Prison, Man Boards Plane Without Ticket [NBC San Diego]

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