Dorito-Loving Raccoons Loitering Behind Neighborhood Store

If you think it’d be cute to see a raccoon munching on a bag of Doritos, try to envision about 62 of them wandering around chomping snacks in your neighborhood. One community has been swarmed with a big group of raccoons that have been congregating in the woods behind a Stop and Save. says one Houston neighborhood has seen a major uptick in the furry critters, and they don’t mind begging to get their junk food fix.

“They eat everything,” said one local animal lover. “Doritos, Cheetos, chocolate. Or a big bag of cat food. They’ll eat that just as good too.” She says the creatures are sweet, and beg more than they steal. She’s seen as many as 62 at a time.

Others have been stopping by to feed them daily, which isn’t helping the raccoon gang to relocate and isn’t a great thing to do, says Texas Parks and Wildlife. They’re also worried about transmitting disease to humans.

“They’re a wild animal,” said an urban wildlife biologist. “If you come across a female protecting her young, there’s no telling what they will do.”

Or a female protecting her bag of Cheetos. I’ve seen that firsthand, but it was my college roommate and she is notoriously touchy when it comes to fake cheese. Scary, nonetheless.

Dozens of raccoons invade Brazoria County neighborhood [ via Buzzfeed]

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