Woman Buys, Rehabs Wrong House; Can't Get Anyone To Care About It

A woman in Mississippi says she spent thousands buying and rehabbing a foreclosed-upon home, only to find out after the fact that oops, she actually bought the smaller, cruddier house next door. Making matters worse, no one seems to be willing to take the blame or help her out.

The woman and her husband purchased the property with the intention of fixing it up and making a profit.

“I have had a new roof put on, new electrical in it, I have had plumbing done to it,” she tells WREG-TV.

But after she noticed some discrepancies with town records, she had the property surveyed.

According to the woman, her realtor said, “I don’t know how to tell you this but we might have sold you the wrong house.”

Yup, even though she had thought she was buying the house that was in the photo and which she’d toured with the realtor on multiple occasions, the woman and her husband had instead purchased a smaller home next door.

“They told me, ‘Well you own the one next door. You still have a house,'” she recalls.

But that isn’t exactly a good argument to her.

“It’s half of the size,” she says. “It’s pitiful, the lot that it sits on. That house if full of mold.”

The real estate office tells WREG that it’s not to blame because it received incorrect information from the mortgage company. And no lawyer has been willing to take the woman’s case because she’s only looking to recoup a few thousand dollars.

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