Personal Finance Roundup

10 biggest mistakes renters make [MSN Money] “Be aware of these potential pitfalls before you sign a lease.”

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship [US News] “Here are eight tips for getting the most out of interning.”

Insurance You Can Live Without [Wall Street Journal] “What is worth your hard-earned cash and what’s not?”

The 10 Worst Ways to Make Extra Money [Wise Bread] “It doesn’t make sense to slave away over something that isn’t actually going to put money in your pocket.”

Save Hundreds on These 10 Essential Household Goods [Moneyland] “Cut your bills with these money-saving tips on buying household essentials, clothing, and personal products.”



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  1. homehome says:

    I saw here they said that selling eggs is not profitable. I highly disagree up here, a friend of mine made 36 to 40K off selling her eggs in one year. That’s another full time job for some ppl.

  2. ovalseven says:

    From the first article: “knock on the doors of a few neighbors to ask about the building’s upkeep and neighborhood safety“.

    It might be effective, but you might find out the hard way that it’s a bad neighborhood. Knocking on strangers’ doors is not a good idea. Better to check crime stats or simply ask a local police officer.

  3. ovalseven says:

    The Internship article was written by Alison Green. Her “Ask a Manager” blog is good daily reading.