Coca-Cola To Meet Dieters Halfway With Mid-Calorie Sprite & Fanta

Several years after abandoning its mid-calorie “C2” version of Coke, Coca-Cola has confirmed reports it will be dipping its toes into the not-quite-sugar-free pool again by testing mid-calorie editions of both Sprite and Fanta.

Dubbed “Sprite Select” and “Fanta Select,” the new drinks will have half the calories of the full-sugar versions. To accomplish the calorie cut, the beverages will be sweetened with sugar (presumably from HFCS), Truvia and artificial sweeteners.

But since these offerings will only initially be tested in four yet-unannounced markets for a limited time, it could be a while before most of you ever get a chance to try a sip.

“It’s a test that will explore the appeal of two new formulations in a small number of stores for a limited time so that we can learn more,” said a rep for Coca-Cola.

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