Escaped Cow Visits McDonald's Drive-Thru, Ponders Circle Of Life

If you’re an attentive reader of this site, you know that people are always bringing inappropriate things to fast-food drive-thrus, hoping to get served. Mobility scooters. Snakes. Even pedestrians have tried and failed to acquire food. But when Darcy wandered up to the drive-thru window at a Colorado McDonald’s on foot, employees didn’t just wearily tell her to go inside the restaurant to order like all of the other pedestrians. That’s because Darcy is a dairy cow.

The attention-seeking cow has been known to escape from her pen when bored, and walked to a McDonald’s about half a mile away from her home. She didn’t learn the horrible truth about where hamburgers come from, but did surprise employees and customers alike when she poked her head in through the drive-thru window.

Since the town has no laws against wandering livestock, Darcy’s owners weren’t ticketed or charged with any crimes.

Cow wanders up to McDonald’s drive-thru window [9News Denver]

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