Steal A Soda From McDonald's And Face A Felony Misdemeanor Charge

While the everyday customer likely won’t face a felony charge for swiping a $1 soda from McDonald’s, woe betide the alleged thief who already has a slew of petty thefts racked up. A Florida man could see five years in jail and $5,000 fine for filling his courtesy cup with soda instead of water. says the man was given a courtesy cup and told it was for water only at McDonald’s. According to cops, he filled it with soda at the fountain and went outside to drink it.

When the manager confronted him over the soda, the man declined to pay the roughly $1 for it, refused to leave the premises and cursed at the manager, states the arrest report.

And just his bad luck — the man already had previous petty theft convictions, upping his charge to a felony. He’s also in trouble for additional misdemeanor accounts of trespassing and disorderly intoxication. As opposed to orderly intoxication, wherein we’re guessing you’d happily pay for a soda and smile at everyone you meet.

Naples man charged with felony, accused of not paying for soda at McDonald’s []

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