NewEgg Sends Package To Wrong Address, Shrugs

When Jessica placed her NewEgg order, she provided them with a shipping address. This turned out to be a waste of her time, since NewEgg just went ahead and picked an address to send the package to out of her PayPal account. Not the one associated with her credit card, or her primary address on the account. Certainly not the address where she actually lives. Their customer service representative’s solution? Wish really, really hard that the person who ultimately received the package would return it so she can get a refund. She hung up and called back until she got someone competent.

Despite putting in the correct shipping info on their website, NewEgg decided to be a pal and change the shipping info to match the one on my Paypal account (and strangely, not the primary address, or the one even associated with my credit card I paid with).

I got my invoice and saw all the wrong addresses and called up. The first person I spoke to actually could not respond to my questions, and we sat in awkward silence every time I asked a question before I just plain hung up.

The second person was courteous and refunded me ten of my 45 dollars…. but told me I wasn’t going to see that package ever and I needed to hope the recipient would return to sender so I could get a refund and reorder.

USPS won’t respond to any inquiries about the package due to ‘safety’ reasons.

The landlord of the recipient isn’t able to intervene because it’s a breach of privacy.

So there you have it, if NewEgg changes your address for no reason, well, that’s tough, isn’t it? I hope you didn’t need that by tomorrow… you know, which was when you paid to receive it. I know I won’t, NewEgg made that abundantly clear.

The recipient is under no obligation to send the package back, and this isn’t Jessica’s fault by any means. She should try calling back again….and if that’s no help, escalate.

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