Best Buy Celebrates Earth Day By Imagining A World Made Of Plastic & Wires

Oh, Best Buy. If only we could give you a gift card so you could buy a clue. Yesterday was Earth Day, when we globe-dwellers were supposed to stop, think and honor our planet. Maybe you started composting, or promised to stop keeping lights on in empty rooms. Over at Best Buy, they celebrated by imagining a world that does away with pesky natural substances, and is instead overwhelmingly comprised of electronics.

On Best Buy’s Facebook page, the graphic of a globe made up of thousands of tiny drawings of plastic, metal and products devoid of any natural materials with the caption “Happy Earth Day!” was probably (maybe?) meant well.

And hey, if you look really hard, there are a few recycling signs, some birds and oddly enough, collared shirts — not unlike those worn by Best Buy employees.

We get it, electronics make the world go ’round. This post is being typed on a computer that is then likely being read on other computers, phones or tablets.

But as our reader J.M. points out:

Best Buy has decided to promote Earth Day with an image of the Earth made of out electronics. It looks more like a scene from Wall-E than a positive promotion of environmentalism. They really don’t get it, do they?

Other commenters take the same tack on the post, writing things like, “Expensive plastic with high turnovers = landfills galore!” and “Throwing computers all over Earth won’t help the cause…”

And as other astute Facebookers point out — if you’re colorblind, it just looks like a giant circle of tiny products.

Way to remain clueless, Best Buy. You do that so well.


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