What Is The 'Original Price' After Kohl's Marks An Item Up?

When Scott found socks on “buy one, get one half off” sale at Kohl’s, he picked up a few packages. The sale signage stipulated that the discount was off the original price…but was that the original price, or the original original price? Scott noticed that a sticker had been placed over the original tag, raising the price from $12 to $14. So what’s the original price?

I was shopping for socks at Kohl’s and came upon a buy 1 get one 1/2 off sale for Kohl’s brand socks. I noticed that there was a price tag under the main $14.00 price tag. I peeled it off to reveal a $12.00 price tag.

When checking out, I asked the cashier if I could have the lower, original price. After all, the buy one get 1/2 half off sale sign states, “Valid on original prices only.” She initially said no, and that $14.00 was the original price. I don’t see her logic. She was able to call over a manager to give me the $12.00 price as a one-time courtesy. I do appreciate them doing that, but I would like even more to see the issue go away.


The fact that Kohl’s raises prices like this leaves me with a bad feeling about the store in general. I know they were already caught doing this a few months ago, and I was under the impression that they stopped the practice.

It’s not unethical to raise prices after the price tags have already been printed, and that might be all that Kohl’s is doing here. But the difference between the original price and the original original price is too much to handle. If they don’t want customers to notice the first prices, they should just re-tag items when they can. Time-consuming and tedious, yes, but better than annoying every customer who knows how to peel a sticker.

Is Kohl’s Marking Up Prices Before It Puts Items On Sale?

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