Comcast Tech Manages To Condemn House With His Truck

Usually when we write about a cable company tech doing damage to a property, it involves kicking holes in walls or other shoddy workmanship. But here’s the tale of a Comcast tech who managed to have an entire house declare unsafe, all with the help of his company truck.

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon in Frederica, DE, where the cable tech reportedly lost control of his Ford F450 truck and sideswiped two cars before plowing into the front porch of the home.

Local paper the News Journal reports that inspectors came out to check the structure of the damaged house and a condemnation notice was subsequently posted in the window.

Adding insult to injury, the paper says that both of the vehicles damaged by the careening Comcast truck also belonged to the owner of the house into which the truck crashed.

The reports don’t say whether the driver was an actual Comcast employee or a third-party contractor driving a Comcast-branded truck. Regardless, the police cited him for inattentive driving.

Home condemned after Comcast truck crashes into parked cars, porch []

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  1. Gman says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure in either case Comcast will graciously offer to take 10% off the customers next bill in placement of payment for damages.

    Then of course bill the person for damage to the company equipment that was in the truck when pieces of their house fell on the contents.

    • Sarek says:

      but the homeowner will have to wait in his condemned home Tuesday between 8 & 5 for the payout.

    • philpm says:

      I was thinking that Comcast will probably add an extra charge for damaging their truck with his cars and house.

      • Tunnen says:

        Really officer! The house just jumped out in front of my vehicle. I tried to avoid it but then two cars ambushed me and pushed my vehicle into the house!

      • HomerSimpson says:

        And they’ll be billing the homeowner for whatever equipment is in the home.

  2. AcctbyDay says:

    Wouldn’t it be even better if the homeowner wasn’t a Comcast customer?

  3. shepd says:

    When I hear a house is condemned by a truck, I think of a truck parked in the kitchen.

    This looks more like it’s condemned as it knocked out the supports for the roof of the porch. A hazard, sure, but no reason to tear down the house and rebuild it as the word condemned would lead you to believe.

    • josephbloseph says:

      Those supports inside the building tell me that it’s a little more than the porch cover.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

      Yes, I believe the house is probably unsafe for habitation.

    • Kestris says:

      If you look closely, the window to the left of the front door is also knocked askew. That means there’s structural damage to the front wall, not just the porch itself.

  4. Tegan says:

    Guy takes out 2 cars and a house and gets “inattentive driving”… I smash my car into some trees a number of years back and get failure to maintain lane and driving too fast for the conditions, both with hefty fines attached. Of course, when I showed up in court, the judge took one look at me, said, “well, it looks like you’ve suffered enough”, and dismissed all charges. It just seems a little unbalanced.

  5. Blueskylaw says:

    Somehow, someway, Comcast will still find a way
    to charge the customer an early termination fee.

  6. Lyn Torden says:

    Lawsuit. But you just know that Kabletown will claim the suit is “baseless”.

    • Tegan says:

      And “without merit”!

    • The Porkchop Express says:

      I would try the insurance first. Actually, I would use my insurance and let them deal with comcast’s.

      • chiieddy says:

        And if necessary, the insurance will sue Comcast’s insurance. It might just take awhile to get the money.

        Jan 2011, a fuel truck flipped over on Rt 1 in Saugus, MA and blew up. The crash spilled gasoline into a drainage ditch that fed into a creek. This flowed downstream and when the creek caught on fire, the trees lining the creek also caught on fire, as did a nearby residence and commercial greenhouse.

        As of today, the windows are boarded and there’s a POD in the driveway, but no work has been done on the residence that caught on fire.

        • mingtae says:

          I drive by that house all the time. That spill could have been much worse. My parents have a great view of the glasshouse when it blew up. I ask my parents whats going on with the house but they don’t know. For as long as I lived in Saugus, it always seems like it was up for sale every 3 years or less.

    • HomerSimpson says:

      No doubt everyone’s rates will be going up to pay for the damages.

  7. NightSteel says:

    At least he didn’t set the place on fire like Verizon guys?

  8. weezedog says:

    Apparently he was trying use his truck to do a wall fish….

  9. Consumed says:

    the Verizon Fios guy set fire to the vinyl siding on my son’s rented house by drilling into the electric supply line. It’s a wonder son didn’t come home to a smoldering ruin and an electrocuted corpse. Thank (your preferred deity), his roommate was in the kitchen and he grabbed a fire extinguisher.

    • Consumed says:

      NOW I see this isn’t the first time Verizon has done this. Son’s event was Maryland in 2011, right after the strike ended. No news coverage, no compensation, but at least the internet was installed by the next day.

    • Difdi says:

      That story reminds me of the time a Comcast technician came out to my house and somehow (to this day, I have no clue how he managed to do it) cross-wired the cable TV line to the power line (!!!!) while trying to fix an outage.

      He did fix the outage, but it took six more technician visits to fix the heavy interference on the signal. The last tech finally “diagnosed” the problem by touching one of the cable terminals with his bare hand. When he woke up, he managed to figure out what the first tech had done while trying to fix the original problem fixed it, and fixed the original problem as well.

      But honestly. How the HELL do you connect a freaking 110 volt POWER LINE to a coaxial cable line by mistake?!?

  10. InsomniacZombie says:

    I’m waiting for AT&T to one-up them with condemning an entire apartment complex….

  11. backbroken says:

    2 cars and a house? Here I thought the Comcast Triple Play promotion was for cable/internet/phone.

  12. cyberpenguin says:

    I guess Comcast is preparing to take on BofA in next year’s WCiA.

    BofA takes peoples houses. Comcast one-up’s them by adding a pair of cars to the house.

    Wait to see BofA’s next move…

    This is bad news for Monsanto if they want to pull an EA-style cinderella.

  13. Polish Engineer says:

    My guess on how this story progresses… Turns out, the truck ran over the cable box, causing irreparable damage. An invoice for somewhere to the tune of $400 will be sent to the abandoned home, which will not be received, leading comcast to send the customer to collections…

    • chiieddy says:

      Don’t forget Comcast will do the following:

      1. Continue to bill them for cable they can’t use because they can’t live in the condemned property.

      2. Charge them for non-return of the equipment in the house they can’t retrieve safely.

  14. gman863 says:

    Now we know what “Jerry Newman” (the guy in the State Farm commercials) does for a living.

  15. ungeheier says:

    A few things:

    1. Was the owner of the house a Comcast customer?
    1a. Was this a house call that the home owner expected?

    If Yes, no problem.

    2. Did the home owner park his cars strategically so that it would stop a F450 from crashing into his house?

    If No, then no problem.

    Comcast has nothing to worry about.

  16. TBGBoodler says:

    And the driver is named Cox–the awful monopoly cable company in my county. Perfect.

    • framitz says:

      Yes Cox is overpriced a bunch, but the service I receive is excellent.
      They would really have to work at it to fall to the level of Comcast.

  17. Jawaka says:

    So because it happened to be a Comcast driver that lost control of a vehicle it makes this special news for some reason? I wonder why they don’t post the employers of the people involved in every traffic accident? Could it be because it doesn’t matter?

  18. SilverBlade2k says:

    hope the guy sues comcast.

  19. Rhinoguy says:

    I just reread the article and I can’t see where it says that the truck hit a customer’s house, just a house. And two cars. Since the guy wasn’t a customer doesn’t Comcast have to sign him up against his will before they sue him for mislocating his house?
    I’m waiting for the local disaster where a TWC install truck collides with an AT&T DSL truck. I’ll be there with my cameras but I’m not sure how I will post the pictures.

  20. Robert Nagel says:

    A guy named Cox driving a Comcast truck. You can’t make this up. do you suppose he will charge Comcast an early termination fee?

  21. soj4life says:

    The house is in Frederica, it was going to be condemned some time some.

  22. roadcoach says:

    Here is another Comcast truck story.
    Again, the truck driver may not have been a Comcast employee.

    CHAT ID: E8929D06-3AD0-4B8C-8914-8040F7926A91
    Problem: Rude Comcast employee blocked an alley for 25 minutes and would not come to move his truck. Lisc #20350FP name “Eddie”.
    Jose Ronnie > Hello Neil, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Jose Ronnie. Please give me one moment to review your information.
    Jose Ronnie > Hi there! Hope you did not wait too long in the queue. I understand that you have Comcast concerns today. I know how inconvenient it is to have these kind of issue. I will be more than willing to assist you today.
    Jose Ronnie > Hello Neil! I can see here that you want to report a rude Comcast employee, am I correct?
    > On Friday April 15 at 10:15 am “Eddie” in a Comcast truck blocked our dead end alley. 4 cars were backed up behind him for 25 minutes.
    > When he finally appeared at the truck after 25 minutes he was in no rush to leave.
    > It would have been easy for him to park the truck in such a way as to not block the alley.
    > Truck Illinois lisc plate was FP 20350
    Jose Ronnie > I’m so sorry to know that Neil. Rest assured that I’ll be logging a formal complaint on this one. So that he will be given the proper action for the issue.
    > The only action I want is a formal letter of apology with an indication that you are advising your employees to not block dead end alleys. If I do not get this ASAP I will blog about this incident as much as possible.
    > Because of this we were late for a medical appointment at the hospital.
    Jose Ronnie > I really understand how frustrating it is Neil! Please give me 3 to 4 minutes to process this one okay?
    > The employee took his time even when he was aware that people were waiting. He took down his ladder, engaged in small talk with the customer, and generally took a leisurely attitude towards departing. That is, he packed up all his equipment, took down his ladder, etc, when he could have just immediately moved his truck to the side instead of leaving it parked in the MIDDLE of the alley. When asked him for his name or a business card he just said that the name was on the truck. Only on pressing did he say his name was Eddie.
    Jose Ronnie > Thank you for those details Neil! May I please ask for your account number as well?
    > This has nothing to do with my account, even though we are Comcast customers.
    Jose Ronnie > Yes Neil. Because I need the account number for this complaint to be formalized and authenticated before I can pass it to our management.
    > Account is under the name of Lxxxx Sxxxx tel number 773-xxx-zzzz.
    Jose Ronnie > Thank you Neil! Please give me a minute to open the account.
    > I find it strange that the only people who have the right to complain about your employee’s behavior are your customers.
    Jose Ronnie > I’m sorry for the inconvenience Neil! Please bear with me again as I process this one.
    > This transcript does not read very well right now as far as your customer relations are concerned. I should not have to be a customer of Comcast for a complaint about the behavior of an employee to be taken seriously.
    Jose Ronnie > I do apologize about this inconvenience Neil if it happen that I don’t exceed your expectation. I am doing my best here to provide to you the excellent service that we are trained for.
    Jose Ronnie > I can’t guarantee if that technician named Eddie was a contractual technician. Because as far as I know, Comcast doesn’t tolerate those kind of behaviours in the company.
    > I am planing to post this on the as soon as I am through.
    Jose Ronnie > I understand Neil.
    > Do you have an identifier for the futures?
    Jose Ronnie > What do you mean by that Neil?
    Jose Ronnie > Analyst has closed chat and left the room
    > What is wrong with your chat server?