Kid Shows He's A Real Go-Getter, Makes $10K Selling Lemonade For His Ailing Dad

A tug on the heartstrings here, a cup of lemonade there, and before you know it, a six-year-old sold $10,000 worth of lemonade at his stand. The little boy was trying to raise money to help his dad cope with medical bills for treating a rare form of cancer. Ready? All together now: Aww!

The young salesman set up shop on Saturday, says KYTX News in Texas (via Gawker) and his community turned up to help him raise funds for his father.

His dad is undergoing chemo therapy treatment, and has insurance, but the family is still facing out-of-pocket costs for medical bills.

“I think he understands that his daddy is sick and that it takes a lot, not just money, to take care of things,” says his mom.

“I just made this because I wanted to help him pay his bills,” Drew said.

Cars were parked up and down the street all day, with one generous customer reportedly handing over a $5,000 check.

That’s a lot of lemonade, and as Drew puts it: “It’s lots of work to do.”

6-year-old boy sets up lemonade stand to pay for dad’s cancer treatments [KYTX News]

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