Don't Attack The Flight Attendant Because Your Bag Doesn't Fit In The Overhead Bin

Listen, we know it’s annoying when you either have to pay a fee to check your bag or try to elbow out your fellow passengers for overhead bin space. But (allegedly!) assaulting a flight attendant trying to check your bag will get you arrested, and is just bad form.

A passenger on a recent United Airlines flight at LAX was arrested after a tiff with a flight attendant. She told him his carry-on would have to be checked in the plane’s luggage area, says CBS 2 in L.A. He wasn’t okay with that, and reportedly grabbed her by the arm and shoulder.

Officials say the man attacked the flight attendant because he was upset at his bag getting checked. She put him under citizen’s arrest and LAX cops then placed him under arrest on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. He’s being held on $20,000 bail. Oh, and he missed his flight.

United Airlines hasn’t commented on the alleged attack, but witnesses say it was unexpected.

Passenger Arrested Aboard United Airlines Flight For Allegedly Assaulting Flight Attendant [CBS 2 L.A.]

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