How Would You Like An IKEA HDTV For Your IKEA House Filled With IKEA Furniture?

If you can already go whole hog and buy an entire house from IKEA to fill up with your IKEA shelves and bed frames and pictures of sailboats, why not watch TV on a new IKEA HDTV? It’s built in to an IKEA TV unit, of course.

The new technological offering from the Swedish conveyors of lingonberries and meatballs comes complete with a funny name, the Uppleva, and has a built-in Blu-ray/DVD player with surround sound. All cables and wires are also stowed away inside the furniture it’s set in, says Engadget.

The whole kit and caboodle also incorporates USB inputs and HDMI ports for any additional wires you need to attach, FM radio and internet connectivity. Walking away with this hunk of Swedish innovation will cost around $960, but other details about the Uppleva are still vague.

Surely it’ll come in array of colors and configurations, and arrive with a confusing set of instructions for setting it up and will eventually just slowly fall apart after a few years of use, forcing you to make another trip to IKEA for a replacement.

IKEA puts away your TV cables, tech credentials [Engadget]

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