Barnes & Noble Gets All Braggy About Charging Six Times The Original Price

Haitham was on a quest for a simple blackjack strategy card, so he used his online search skills to check out prices. He found what he wanted at Amazon, but because they were going to charge him twice the price of the card just to ship it, he went elsewhere. And sure enough, Barnes & Noble found a way to not only gouge him even worse, but then they went and bragged about it.

He writes of his find:

Their site shows a list price of $2.99, which is crossed out so they can show me their price of $19.99. Thinking it was really $1.99, I added it to cart to check if I was right. I wasn’t. They wanted to charge me almost seven times the list price for the card.

It’s always funny to see what the “You Save” box ends up saying — in this case it just remains blank, seemingly too stumped over the situation to even put a negative percent in, as was the case in another recent example of This Is Not Really A Sale.

You stay classy, B&N, and good luck selling that card!

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