Staying Relevant

Mike Mozart

Barnes & Noble CEO Uses Amazon To Justify His Company’s Continued Existence

In the age of online shopping, are bookstores irrelevant? The new CEO of big-box bookstore chain Barnes & Noble doesn’t think so. If they were, why would Amazon be opening physical bookstores across the country, with a new one opening in New York City tomorrow? He sees this growth as proof that bookstores are still relevant. [More]

The Kodak smart lens aims to turn consumers' smartphones into professional grade photographic machines.

Can Camera Companies Stay Relevant In A World Where Smartphones Rule? They’re Certainly Trying

Companies with long histories in the photography industry are scrambling to stay relevant in a day and age when nearly every smartphone comes equipped with a high-resolution camera, making it incredibly convenient and easy for consumers to snap away in just about every occasion. The fight for relevancy has never been more evident than during the showcases presented at the 2015 CES, where companies like Kodak, Canon and Nikon displayed a range of products designed to compete and capitalize on the convenience afforded by smartphones. [More]