4 Ways To Slash Phone Expenses

Your phone is not only a lifeline, entertainment device and communication portal to everyone you know, but it’s also a siphon that sucks money out of you monthly. Phone companies are counting on you falling into complacency with paying for unneeded services.

Thirty Six Months identifies four phone fees you don’t need. You can trim your phone budget and use your money for something special. Like a new phone.

Here are some cuts to consider:

* Drop your landline. Most people we know have long since dispensed with the telecommunications relic, but maybe your parents are still keeping one around out of habit. Encourage them to cut the cord.

* Ringtones. We’re well past the age in which it’s acceptable to still pay for ringtones. Create your own or just learn to love the ones that come pre-installed on your device.

* Block information calls. Take away the temptation to call pay services to give you information. Instead, look up the info you need on a computer, your own smartphone or someone else’s.

* Slash your minutes. Examine your bill to see if you use all your minutes. If you don’t, drop down to a lower tier and monitor your usage. If you come close to passing your limit, call your phone company and change plans mid-month. The technique also works well for text message and data plans.

7 Phone extras that you need to stop paying [Thirty Six Months]

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