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CenturyLink customers joined Consumers Union's End Robocalls team this morning to deliver a petition to the CL offices in Phoenix.

More Than 500,000 People Ask CenturyLink To Help End Robocalls

Even though the FCC has said that landline operators can offer robocall-blocking technology to their customers, many of them have so far chosen to not do so. That’s why our colleagues at Consumers Union hand-delivered a petition with more than 500,000 signatures to CenturyLink this morning, hoping to drive home how fed-up consumers are with these unwanted interruptions. [More]


Phone Companies Can Filter Out Robocalls, They Just Aren’t Doing It

Even in an age when everyone has Caller ID on their cellphones and landlines, when more than 200 million numbers are listed on the national Do Not Call Registry, our phones are still inundated with unwanted auto-dialed and prerecorded calls. And though state and federal regulators regularly shut down illegal telemarketing operations, it can seem like a game of Whac-A-Mole, with new robocallers popping up to replace the old ones. [More]

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Retailers Took More Than 3 Minutes To Answer Customer Service Calls On Cyber Monday

While not as many people went shopping over the weekend as they did during last year’s holiday, retailers still sold billions of dollars worth of stuff in just a few days, and some of that stuff was damaged or otherwise required calls to customer service. But not every seller was terribly eager or prepared to deal with the onslaught of phone calls. [More]

If you want to Hangout on your AT&T Android phone, you will probably need a wifi connection.

AT&T Customers Will Probably Have To Wait Before Using Google Hangouts Over Cellular

If you’ve got an Android phone, you might have noticed that your pre-loaded Google Talk app has recently been updated and is now “Hangouts,” the name of Google’s video chat service. But if you’re an AT&T customer, you might have to wait a while before you’re allowed to use that app over the carrier’s wireless network. [More]

Debt Collectors Real & Fake Top List Of Most-Blocked Phone Numbers

Debt Collectors Real & Fake Top List Of Most-Blocked Phone Numbers

According to a new list of most-blocked telephone numbers, the only people more tenacious than debt collectors about making non-stop calls to consumers are bogus debt collectors possibly looking to steal your information or trick you into making a payment. [More]

Sprint CSR Waives Activation Fee, Calls Back To Tell Me She

Sprint CSR Waives Activation Fee, Calls Back To Tell Me She Can't

When one of our readers writes in to tell us about a follow-up call from a CSR, it’s usually because the rep is putting forth the extra effort to make sure the customer is satisfied. In the case of Vince and his dealing with the folks at Sprint, that call back was to let him know the company would not be making good on its promise. [More]