Save Money While Spring Cleaning

Perhaps the fresh Spring air has inspired you to strike back against the clutter and filth you might have allowed to accumulate around your living space in the bustle of the last several months. While looking to go on a cleaning rampage and make a fresh start, you can find ways to do the job more cheaply and efficiently.

Careful Cents offers this advice:

* Make your own cleaning solutions. Mix white vinegar and water for an effective all-purpose cleaner and olive oil with lemon juice to polish furniture.

* Use old clothes as cleaning cloths. Turn clothes you’d otherwise get rid of into cleaning rags for particularly nasty jobs that might ruin your nicer cloths or deplete your supply of paper towels.

* Don’t waste the good stuff. In your haste to keep cleaning, it’s tempting to toss out nearly-empty bottles of cleaning supplies. Instead, open a new bottle, use a little of it, then empty the remainder of the old bottle into the new one.

Save Money on Spring Cleaning With These 6 Tips [Careful Cents]

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