Somebody Paid $8,100 For A Chicken Nugget Resembling George Washington

Somewhere out there, a person who covets and collects quirky representations of U.S. presidents must exist. Otherwise, we can’t think of a reason why anyone would shell out $8,100 for a chicken McNugget shaped like America’s first commander-in-chief, George Washington.

The bit of McDonald’s meat was auctioned off on eBay on Monday, by a woman in Dakota City who said she noticed it while cleaning up her kids’ meals, reports the Sioux City Journal. The nugget stayed in her freezer for around three years.

“Sometimes it’s OK if children don’t finish,” she told the paper. She didn’t reveal where the winning bidder lives, but did say the site received 44,795 views, and 1,610 people were actively watching the auction.

The woman adds that she’ll use the money to help send 50 children from Sioux City Family Worship Center to a summer camp in Dayton, Iowa.

Making our forefathers proud, every day.

Top bid for Dakota City’s presidential poultry: $8,100 [Sioux City Journal]

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