Man Sues Movie Theater Over Price Of Snacks

Unless you smuggle your nibbles and beverages into a movie theater, grabbing a bite to eat at the movie theater can easily double or triple the cost of your ticket. But one Michigan man is fed up with being gouged at the concession stand and has filed suit against his local AMC theater.

“He got tired of being taken advantage of,” the man’s lawyer tells the Detroit Free Press. “It’s hard to justify prices that are three- and four-times higher than anywhere else.”

The lawyer says his client had been bringing his own food and beverages into the theater but stopped when management posted a sign saying customers could no longer bring in outside eats.

And so, when he went to buy a Coke and some Goobers during his Dec. 26 trip to the movies, the total came to $8, several times the $2.73 he would have paid if he’d purchased the items elsewhere.

The plaintiff alleges that such pricing is a violation of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act and is seeking refunds for all customers who were overcharged.

Filmgoer takes stand on costly snacks, sues AMC Livonia theater [Detroit Free Press]

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