Now You Can Buy An Entire IKEA House For $86,500

Not content with merely furnishing every room of your house with IKEA stuff? Well, if you have a bit of land and $86,500 to spend the home furnishings chain could provide you with an entire (albeit small) house in which to put your Ektorps and Malms.

The 745 sq. ft., 1BR/1BA Aktiv is actually a creation of Oregon’s Ideabox, who worked with IKEA designers to craft the structure around IKEA items.

The kitchen has IKEA appliances, cabinets and counters. The bathroom has IKEA sinks and storage, and the bedroom closets are all built around the retailer’s closet system.

And you won’t need one of these instruction videos or a plastic baggie of wood dowels and pressed metal wrenches to put the house together. It is delivered in a couple of pieces and assembled on the spot.

You can check out more pics and the floor plan for the Aktiv at the Ideabox site.

Gallery: Inside Ideabox’s Ikea creation [Sustainable Business Oregon via HuffPo]

Thanks to Harper for the tip!

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