City Officer Discovers Woman's Home Hasn't Had Water For Six Years

A woman in Fort Worth couldn’t handle her expensive water bills or fix the leak that was causing them, so she simply turned her water off. And then she left it off, for six years, using jugs of water collected from elsewhere and bathing at her daughter’s home.

The issue wasn’t discovered until a Fort Worth Code Enforcement officer was out during a routine check of the woman’s neighborhood. That’s when he met the 69-year-old who was existing without water service, says local news channel DFW 11.

“I paid three expensive water bills,” she said. “So I went out to the meter and cut it off myself. I had a leak! I couldn’t afford to pay the water bill and where I had the leak I couldn’t afford to get it repaired.”

She didn’t want to reveal how long it had been, but city records show service was cut off six years ago. In the meantime, she would visit a neighborhood center during the day and make do however she could.

Things are even worse for her now — she’s facing eviction from her home, as city ordinances say you’re not allowed to live in a residence without water service.

Luckily for the woman, the enforcement officer didn’t just walk away and leave her without water. He found a community services group that offered to help pay to get the water connection up and running again. With his help, the woman has hope she’ll be able to keep her home.

Fort Worth Woman Gets Water Turned Back On After 6 Years Without [DFW 11]

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