Using Jack Nicholson's Picture On Your Fake ID Will Probably Get You Busted


Stealing anyone’s identity is wrong, no matter who it is, but guess what? If you pretend you’re Jack Nicholson instead of just some regular dude, you’re a lot more likely to get busted. Such was the case for a scammer in Brazil recently, who tried to pass himself off as the actor.

Thing is, cops do know Jack, and they know he’s not a Brazilian guy.

CNN says civil police in northeastern Brazil busted the man after he tried to open a bank account using a fake ID that featured a picture of Nicholson. Oh, and the 41-year-old alleged perp happens to look absolutely nothing like the 74-year-old Oscar winner.

Police say they’d been tracking the man for months, after he left a trail of fraudulent activity. When they caught up with him, he had six different IDs, multiple checkbooks and various credit cards.

He didn’t use Nicholson’s name, but who could forget that face peering maniacally through an ax-hacked door in The Shining? The stuff of nightmares can come in handy when trying to figure out if someone is Jack Nicholson or not.

You don’t know Jack! Brazilian cops bust man using fake Nicholson ID [CNN]

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