Identity Theft Victim Confronts Alleged Scammer

Image courtesy of Roger Shaw

There’s an episode of Friends in which Monica’s identity is stolen and she goes on to become best friends with the woman posing as Monica Geller, you know, before she goes to jail. Things didn’t so quite the same for a Los Angeles woman who says she confronted a couple she alleges used her identity to open credit card accounts and file income tax returns.

The woman tells CBS Los Angeles that she confronted a man and woman she suspected had stolen her identity while they were attempting to open a jewelry store credit card in her name.

The ordeal began recently when the jewelry store called the woman to inform her that a couple was using her information, which had a fraud alert in place, to open a credit.

After receiving the call, the woman drove to the mall, snapped photos of the couple, and approached the couple.

“I felt like I was a detective. I was just very, very nervous,” the identity theft victim tells CBS Los Angeles. “I went over to her and told her that you stole my identity and I grabbed her arm and she started running. He ran, the guy, in a different direction.”

While the couple got away, the woman says they left the ID — which included the woman’s information but a different photograph — they had used at the jewelry store.

“I was just in tears. I couldn’t believe that. So violated that somebody stole my information,” she said.

The woman says this isn’t the first time the couple has used her information. In fact, she alleges they filed a federal tax return in her name, and opened several department store credit cards, including one with a $10,000 credit limit at Macy’s.

The Los Angeles Police Department says they are investigating the case, but the woman continues to worry that the couple will attempt to open even more accounts in her name.

Identity Theft Victim Confronts Couple She Alleges Racked Up Thousands Using Her Credit [CBS Los Angeles]

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