Gas Prices Have Gone Up 18 Cents In The Past 2 Weeks

If you’re running a little low on gas but don’t need to fill up until a few days from now, you might consider gassing up anyway. The way things are going, pump prices will be much higher by the time your tank is almost empty. Prices have shot up 18 cents in the past two weeks.

Reuters reports the national average price of a gallon of gas was $3.69 Friday, making that then-awful national average of $3.51 from Feb. 10 no longer seem so bad.

Each survey seems to bring a different excuse for the uncomfortable uptick, and this time it’s concerns over Iran’s nuclear program and shipping problems that could result from a possible Israeli attack.

Gas prices are wackiest in San Diego, which averaged $4.24 a gallon, and most reasonable in Denver ($3.07).

As gas prices continue to rise, public transportation, carpooling and telecommuting are becoming more attractive. If you want to cut down on your gas budget, those are some of your best bets.

U.S. gasoline hits $3.69/gallon on Iran jitters: survey [Reuters]

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