British Jewelry Makers Tatty Devine Claim Claire's Has Lifted Multiple Designs

British jewelry designers Tatty Devine couldn’t believe their eyes when somehow, an almost exact replica of a few of their necklaces showed up at Claire’s Accessories over in the UK. So did Claire’s get hit with the same inspiration stick while dreaming up their version? Not likely, claims Tatty Devine.

On their blog, Tatty Devine shows a few side-by-side examples of their jewelry on the left, with Claire’s on the right, and the resemblance is pretty dang close.

Sure, lots of people might want to put a banana or a mustache or a dinosaur on a necklace, but the specific way those items are represented in jewelry seems to be mirrored almost exactly in Claire’s offerings.

After their initial blog post, where Tatty Devine urged their customers to find Claire’s on Twitter and Facebook, as well as email and let them know what they did wasn’t cool, they posted an update that they have to zip their lips for now.

UPDATE: Following legal advice, we’re now closing the comments on this blog post. Thank you for all the support. We’ve posted a quick update here.

We’ve seen this type of alleged design leakage, thievery, call it what you will, in many forms across the fashion world. Behemoths like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 and more have been accused of lifting ideas from independent designers in the fashion world, usually with a positive resolution for the design originators as customers usually like to root for the little guy.


Can you spot the difference? [Tatty Devine]

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