Forever 21 Sued Again, This Time For Allegedly Swiping A Textile Design

Poor gigantic corporation Forever 21! They just can’t stop getting sued by people claiming they’ve stolen stuff! In the latest lawsuit against the low-priced fashion chain, the Feral Childe line claims Forevs ripped off one of their textile prints.

Jezebel reports on the shady clothing giant’s legal woes, noting that while a pattern or cut of a piece of clothing can’t be copyrighted, a print can be.

The print in question is called “Teepees” and is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office by designers Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson. Ecosalon says Wu and Carlson made the design very personal by hiding pictures of teepees, crowns and penants in the drawing. And as Wu adds, “How could anyone else come up with that combination?

She tells Ecosalon, “Whoever at Forever 21 discovered our print and decided to co-opt it wasn’t looking closely and probably just assumed this was just an abstract ‘scratch print’ and didn’t notice our hidden pictures.”

This is far from the first time Forever 21 has been in hot legal water, as they’ve been sued by everyone from Anna Sui to Gwen Stefani, as well as leveling a dubious suit against humor blog

Check out Feral Childe’s print in pink, above Forever 21’s version in white.


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