Yes, Televisions Are Pretty Much Disposable Now

It seems like an ancient, lost world now, but there was once a time when people bought electronics or appliances, and when they broke down, they hired someone to repair the item and kept using it. This may not sound weird and obsolete to you or to me or to reader Donna. Toshiba, on the other hand, certainly thinks that it’s not worthwhile to repair the television that she paid $1,800 for in 2007. She doesn’t want anything for free, and is willing to pay for parts and repair. Only the needed part isn’t available from Toshiba, or from anyone.

I bought a Toshiba 42 in tv in 2007 and paid $1800. [In] Sept 2011 the tv stopped working. I took it in for service and it needs a pc board assembly. We are still waiting for the part.

Toshiba gave us numbers and companies where we can buy the part. They are supposedly on order. We called all the numbers across the US to the west coast and no one has this assembly. I spent 3 hrs on the phone with toshiba getting transferred from one dept to another and everyone told me it is not there dept and there is NO manager or supervisor available to talk to. Also there is no email that you can issue a complaint. I was advised to submit a complaint over the phone.

When I give the serial number they say it’s invalid so they can’t submit an issue. I have the receipt with the serial number and model number and it was also verified by the service tech. So I can’t talk to anyone and I can’t submit a complaint. It’s a catch 22.

They are still making these tv’s so I know this part is available but Toshiba will not cooperate at all in getting the tv repaired. The service tech is fed up and thinking about discontinuing any service on Toshiba products. It is going on six months. How long are we supposed to wait for parts.?

The part is a PC assembly 75003371, The tv is a 42 model number 42LX196 and the serial number is [redacted]. We are paying for HD tv and have no tv to watch. I feel toshiba should give us an explanation.

We are paying for the repair and know the parts are out there since they are still selling these tvs. Maybe you can find out where and when we can get this part. Good luck dealing with Toshiba. I will never buy another Toshiba product because there customer service is terrible.

Maybe the Consumerist Hive Mind can succeed in finding the part when even Toshiba itself failed. Maybe. We know for sure that if the part isn’t found, and the TV is disposable, Donna is certainly not going to buy another Toshiba.

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