Mistakes To Avoid When Car Shopping

If you don’t know when you’re doing when you’re out shopping for a car, you can easily fall victim to savvy salesmen willing to take you for a ride. But if you know what to look out for and act decisively, the experience doesn’t have to be awful.

Money Under 30 tells you to be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

* Focusing solely on price. It’s important that you get something you can afford, but a cheap deal won’t do you much good if the car doesn’t match your needs. If you sacrifice attributes you hold dear just to save a few bucks, you probably won’t be satisfied with the purchase.

* Ignoring financing terms. Car finance guys like to keep you focused on the monthly payment, dismissing the overall cost of the vehicle and the interest rate. The best way to avoid difficult number crunching is to go into a dealership with pre-approved financing in place.

* Underestimating the total cost of the vehicle. The price you agree on is only the beginning. Gas, insurance and maintenance vary from vehicle to vehicle, possibly making what seemed like a good deal to start with turn sour over the long haul.

5 Big Car Buying Mistakes [Money Under 30]

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