Before You Send Off Your Tax Return, Run It Through This Checklist

If you’ve got a tax refund coming and are eager to file your return to get the money flowing, your haste may end up causing errors that could hold things up. You should give your tax return a once-over before you send it off to make sure you haven’t screwed up some key areas.

Twenties Hacker provides a checklist of sorts to help you make sure things are set straight. Here are some items to inspect:

* Your name. Use your legal name as it appears on your Social Security card, not a shortened version or a nickname that you go by. It seems simple, but it’s easy to fumble, especially if you’ve recently married and changed your last name.

* Your Social Security number. You’ve committed it to memory since high school and have used it an untold amount of times, so you may take it for granted and neglect to make sure you jotted or typed it correctly onto your form.

* Your filing status. Big life changes — including marriage, divorce and becoming financially independent from your parents — will cause you to change your status rather than stick with what you’ve always used before. A blunder here can make for a major swing in money you owe or have coming.

File Your Taxes Faster By Avoiding These Common Tax Errors [Twenties Hacker]

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